the changing laws surrounding American citizenshipthe changing laws surrounding American citizenship

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the changing laws surrounding American citizenship

The laws surrounding American citizenship and obtaining and maintaining a Green Card are constantly changing. What may be legal and acceptable one month may no longer be the next. If you are working to gain citizenship or a Green Card, the best option for you to consider is hiring an immigration attorney. This blog will provide you with several examples of the changing laws and regulations so that you can gain a better understanding of what you will have to do to obtain the documentation that you want and need. Hopefully, everything provided here will help with your journey in America.

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Immigration Law: 3 Commonly Asked Questions About Marriage And Immigration

It is not unusual for someone born in this country and currently residing here to fall in love with a non-citizen. Once you get married, you might decide to bring your partner into the country to live and work here. The department of immigration will only allow the person to live and work legally when they have proper documentation. A few people who want to immigrate understand the law, and might try to use it as a loophole to access the country through inauthentic marriages. The immigration department, therefore, takes all spouses through a series of interviews and document verification to ensure they have a genuine union. Here are the frequently asked questions about getting the card.

How Does One Qualify For It?

The spouse of a citizen is eligible to get residency to enable them to live and work close to their partner. The marriage-based green card allows you to live, work, and get higher education in the country. You can also obtain a driver's license when you are a legal immigrant through marriage. The green card lasts for a decade and you are allowed to renew it six months before the expiration date to maintain your residency status.

Why Is the Interview Necessary?

Typically, you have to visit the department offices together with your partner for the interview. They will assess how you carry yourself and address each other during the process. The questions aim at ensuring you have known one another long enough and your relationship is not a danger to anyone. They will want to know how you met, and how well you know each other, including your family members. They might also ask questions about your spouse's employment, and other details that help them authenticate the relationship. Their goal is to ensure bringing the person into the country does not create an immigration risk.

What Documents are Needed By the Department?

The department of immigration will give you a list of documents they expect before and during the questioning process. You should aim to have an attorney help you collect and fill in details in these documents. Some of the required documents include the permanent residency application, the permission to work in the country, and medical forms. A competent attorney can help you gather the needed optional and supporting documents.

The process of immigrating through a partner is simple once you understand immigration requirements. An immigration lawyer can help both of you prepare for the interview and have an easy time going through the interview and qualifying.