the changing laws surrounding American citizenshipthe changing laws surrounding American citizenship

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the changing laws surrounding American citizenship

The laws surrounding American citizenship and obtaining and maintaining a Green Card are constantly changing. What may be legal and acceptable one month may no longer be the next. If you are working to gain citizenship or a Green Card, the best option for you to consider is hiring an immigration attorney. This blog will provide you with several examples of the changing laws and regulations so that you can gain a better understanding of what you will have to do to obtain the documentation that you want and need. Hopefully, everything provided here will help with your journey in America.

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3 Great Reasons To Hire An Immigration Attorney

Immigration law is notoriously complex, and attempting to navigate it by yourself is almost always a lost cause. If circumstances have recently found you or a loved one struggling with issues related to your immigrant status, then hiring an immigration attorney may be your best option. Many people hesitate to get a lawyer who specializes in immigration because they aren't aware of the benefits -- so if you're still on the fence, take a look below at three great reasons to hire one.

Petition Tracking

People often assume that once you submit your specific petition that nothing else is required of you. If only it were so simple. In fact, it's likely the government will request additional information from you (which in turn means filling out additional forms and other paperwork) before proceeding with your petition. An immigration attorney can track the progress of your petition and take care of any such requests on your behalf. That means there's no worrying about meeting additional deadlines or submitting stacks of other documents.


Unfortunately, the reality of immigration law means that not everything always goes smoothly the first time around. In these cases, your petition may be denied, and you'll feel as if you have hit a dead end with no other options available to you. But in fact your petition can usually be appealed, and this means going through a separate appeals process from the beginning. Having an immigration attorney by your side during this time to represent you and your rights is invaluable, and may mean the difference between getting denied again and getting the result you want.


When many people think of needing the services of an immigration lawyer, they think of getting a green card or a specific type of visa. And while these are certainly things that immigration attorneys can help you with, they can also be of assistance during the naturalization process. Becoming a United States citizen or permanent resident is a long process that has its own system of hoops that you have to jump through, and the process can be made infinitely easier with the help of an attorney. Simply knowing which requirements you have met and which you still need to work toward can give you peace of mind that you are well on your way to becoming a citizen or permanent resident, and this is something that is hard to put a dollar value on.

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